Honey Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourds are not everyone’s favourite. Neither is it a simple vegetable to deal with. But then, if you experiment a little like the writer of this recipe, you can come up with a bitter gourd recipe that would turn the “bitter”to “sweet”. Here is similar recipe for bitter gourd – healthy, tasty, and simple. This recipe is contributed by Vaidyanathan LS.¬†Enjoy!



2 bitter gourds

1 1/2 tbsp besan

1 tsp maida

Pinch of turmeric

Oil for frying


1. Cut the bitter gourds in thin round slices.
2. Make a thick paste with besan, maida, turmeric, and salt.Sprinkle 1-2 table spoons of besan powder, 1 t-spoon maida and some salt, turmeric powder.

3. Coat the  bitter gourd slices in the mixture and fry.

4. Drain on kitchen towels. pour honey on the fried bitter gourd and serve. You can use honey as a dip as well.