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Shahi Cheese Mutton Chops

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Shahi Cheese Lamb Chops

Who would have thought that cheese would be an ingredient in a mutton chops recipe? Shahi cheese mutton chops is a heavenly dish – the perfect combination of mutton and cheese. This lamb chop recipe definitely qualifies to be presented to your guests. Shahi cheese mutton chops is also one of the …

Bread Rolls| Chicken – Potato

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Bread rolls is one of the favorite Ramadan recipes. Bread rolls is definitely a good treat to replace kebabs and pakodas on the iftar table. The homework is to boil and shred the chicken and boil and mash the potatoes. Effort but that’s what every iftar recipe is about.
Three things are important…

Hindustani Kabab

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Hindustani Kebab

Kebabs are the most sought after starters, and are a favorite iftar dish during Ramadan. Here is a three-step kebab recipe to prepare delicious chicken kebabs. You can replace the chicken with mutton or beef, keeping in mind the cooking time. Unlike most kebabs, hindustani kebabs are simple to pr…

Dates and Rice Pudding

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Dates are easily digestible and furnish the body with required energy for physical activities in about half an hour. Dates are rich in natural fibres, potassium, and magnesium. During Ramadan, date recipes are ideal to start iftar ( breaking fast), as the body requires energy to digest the meal. …

Dhaka Chicken

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Given the name, I’m assuming Dhaka Chicken is a popular dish in Bangladesh. It’s that time of the year – Ramadan/ Ramzan – when I’m constantly looking for appetizer recipes for Iftar especially with boneless chicken since it cooks quickly. I tried Dhaka Chicken for the first time and the taste h…