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Instant Pot Mutton Biryani

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An instant pot biryani has been pending for long on my ‘To Cook’ list. After years of cooking biryani the prolonged, conventional way – cook the meat and rice separately, then layer the rice on the meat. So I couldn’t get my head around making mutton biryani in the instant pot – a one-pot biryan…

Kebab Biryani

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Kabab Biryani

Here is another kind of mutton biryani recipe. Kebab biryani calls for some effort in the kitchen, but the result is delicious beyond imagination. The focus of most biryani recipes is on the masala, or korma, and on the layering. While preparing kebab biryani the focus is also on preparing succul…

Mutton Biryani – Bombay Biryani

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Mutton Biryani

Biryani is the crown of Mughlai cuisine and a love shared by both Indians and Pakistanis. The type of biryani varies from region to region and kitchen to kitchen. I’m sharing my favorite – Bombay Biryani. Biryani requires a lot of effort, several spices, and patience. It isn’t an ordinary dish a…

Slow Cooker Chicken Biryani

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Yup! I’m trying my hands on a slow cooker (crock-pot) and I am absolutely blown away. My first dish cooked in a slow cooker – Chicken Biryani! I mustered the courage to prepare a complex dish like biryani as my first experiment, not a wise decision I thought midway. But the result was surprising….

Baghara Baingan

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Baghara Baingan – known as Baingan ka Khatta as well – is a famous dish in Hyderabad and Bangalore, especially paired with Mutton Biryani , Dum Pukht Biryani or Vegetable Biryani and is served at weddings. Another similar accompaniment is Mirchi Ka Salan. I’ve tried to prepare Baghara Baingan …