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Hyderabadi Vegetarian Curry

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Vegetarian curry recipes  usually includes lots of vegetables. This vegetarian curry, however, does not include vegetables. I prepared this in the microwave but you can also cook it otherwise. A slightly hyderabadi touch, the flavour, aroma, and texture of this curry  your diners’ hunger for a …

Chicken with Veggies (Leftover creation)

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You have chicken or mutton curry left from last night’s meal. Or you may have planned to cook chicken curry at noon so you wouldn’t have to cook in the evening, but not enough is left after lunch. What do you do? Cooking afresh for dinner is a good option, but it’s going to leave you annoyed and …

Pumpkin Curry

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Apart from seafood, pumpkin curry was one of the many delicacies I enjoyed during my visit to Sri Lanka. Pumpkin curry may be an unusual dish in many countries, but a popular vegetable in Sri Lanka. From what I had, the Sri Lankan pumpkin curry is creamy and perfectly spiced. Trying it in my kitc…

The Vegetable Smuggler

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Me. I am the vegetable smuggler. Like every mom.

Like most kids, my daughter has a sharp eye for vegetables in her food only to keep them aside. She makes her preference very clear. “I want chicken.” And then all eyes turn towards me with a smile. “Your daughter after all.” I have the gu…

Al Marqoq (Meat with Vegetables)

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Chicken Marqoq

A traditional dish of the Arabian peninsula, Al Marqoq is a wholesome nutritious curry, best complemented with coin-sized parathas (or Arabic bread). This I confirmed when I served rice with Chicken M…