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Malpuras / Malpuas

Malpura  or malpua is a dessert known across different regions of India by different names. Malpuas are also one of the favourite Ramadan and Eid recipes. You’ll be surprised at the number of variations this dessert has experienced – each better than the other. Here, we bring you a malpura recip…

Home-made Spicy Shawarma

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Homemade shawarma recipe

The most favourite street food from the Middle East can now be made at home! Cukzy brings you home-made shawarma recipe. Here is a spicy variation. Enjoy!


1 chicken breast piece

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Balochi Mutton Leg

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Balochi Mutton Leg

Raan, or mutton  leg is one off the family-meal dishes. Preparing a leg of lamb can be tricky and is time consuming. The end result, however, is worth it. The leg of lamb is sometimes chopped into medium sized pieces for convenient cooking. Whether whole or not, leg of lamb is a sure treat for y…

Afghani Chicken Kebab

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Afghani Chicken Kebabs

Afghani chicken kebab is a delicious dish straight from the line of Mughals. Mildly spiced, this is an easy chicken recipe that is low on time and effort required. Perhaps that’s why it is a favourite Ramadan recipe as well. This chicken recipe comes straight from my mother’s kitchen. Try it out …

Shahi Cheese Mutton Chops

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Shahi Cheese Lamb Chops

Who would have thought that cheese would be an ingredient in a mutton chops recipe? Shahi cheese mutton chops is a heavenly dish – the perfect combination of mutton and cheese. This lamb chop recipe definitely qualifies to be presented to your guests. Shahi cheese mutton chops is also one of the …