BBQ Sauce

Who doesn’t love the grill flavour to food? Barbecue sauce adds that smokey tinge to meat, enhancing the flavours. As an easy option we resort to BBQ sauce available at supermarkets. How about trying it out at home? Learn how to make bbq sauce at home with this recipe, and you would detest trying the packed ones. This summer, add this barbecue sauce recipe to your BBQ weekend!

BBQ sauce
BBQ sauce


Ketchup                             1 Ltr

Tomato                           ½ Kg

Pineapple                          ½ kg

Onion                                2 big

Garlic                                100gm

Orange Juice                     1 ltr

Tabasco                            50 ml

HP Sauce                          75 ml


Brown Sugar                     250gm

Big fresh Red Chilli         250 gm

Smoke flavor                     few drops

Vinegar                                25 ml

Peppercorns, Bay leaves & Cloves tied in a muslin cloth (10 gms)



1.       Cut and roast the pineapple & onions on a grill or direct flame till nice colour is obtained (semi burnt).

2.       In a thick bottom pan, add oil and sauté the garlic. Add in the onions and the pineapples. Roast for a few minutes.

3.       Add in the sugar and caramelize it.

3.       Add in all the ingredients except smoke flavor. Also add in the tied dry herbs.

4.       Once it boils, keep on slow flame for 3-4 hours.

5.       Remove the bouquet garni (tied herbs).

6.       Add in few drops of smoke flavor.

7.       Remove and blend, adjust consistency with orange juice or juice and water


Notes : Bouquet garni is any combination of dry herbs used in cookery ( for BBQ only peppercorn, bayleaf & cloves are used)