Strawberry With Cream

Strawberries are Nature’s Love, I’ve heard somewhere. They’re beautifully red, heart-shaped (conical actually), juicy, fragrant, and sweet. Strawberries have  a faint tangy/sour flavour dominated by strong sweetness. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C, even more than an orange. There are many sinful (and sensuous) ways to enjoy this flavour-packed little fruit. Dip it in chocolate, make tarts and cakes, or flavour your yogurt. My season’s first and favorite dessert is strawberry with whipped cream. It takes 2 minutes and is heavenly. Here’s what to do:



1/4 cup heavy cream/ fresh cream

4-5 strawberries

3 teaspoon powdered sugar


1. Whip cream with sugar to soft peaks.

2. Add strawberries and continue whipping until stiff peaks. Keep one strawberry aside.

3. Slice the remaining strawberry and place it in a serving bowl. Pour over the cream.

Serve cold. Garnish with mint leaves.