Lebanese Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma is Middle East’s favorite fast food. Shawarma has many versions and can be made with a variety of ingredients and kinds of meat. Chicken shawarma is by far the ‘most wanted’ by lovers of Arabic food. Fairly latest version of shawarma is the spicy shawarma. The best part of the shawarma is the pickled salad. My favourite version of shawarma is the lebanese chicken shawarma. This chicken shawarma recipe is closest to be an authentic shawarma recipe. Chef Jawad shows you how to make shawarma at home! 🙂



For Chicken marination

Chicken breast boneless 1
Orange juice 25 ml
Curd 100gm
Bay leaf 3
Whole Black pepper 6-7
Garlic paste 2 tsp
Salt for taste
Black salt 2 gm
Arabic spice (or all spice) 1 tsp


1. Make rough strips of the chicken.

2. Mix in all the ingredients and marinade the chicken for 12 hrs in a chiller.

3. Now in a very hot pan, with little oil, sauté the chicken at high flame till its cooked.

For the Garlic sauce

This is the most important ingredient to the shawarma, and slightly complicated to prepare.

Garlic 50 gms
Olive oil 100 ml
Crushed ice 50 gms

1. In a high power blender, add garlic and crushed ice, close the lid and blend.

2. Very slowly, one drop at a time, add the oil into the blender.

3. The consistency of this sauce should be like mayonnaise, but lighter and fluffy.

Stuffing for pita bread (Measurements are according to taste and preference)

Roman lettuce
Garlic sauce
Pickle turnip

In a bowl take some garlic sauce, and add in julienne cuts of the vegetables. Now add in the cooked chicken and rest of the garlic sauce. Mix well.

Split open the pita bread, stuff the mixture and serve hot.

What makes the lebanese chicken shawarma stand out from the rest is the pickled turnip and the garlic sauce.