Fruit Soufflé

The traditional way of making souffle is time consuming and can go wrong if you miss out on a small part. It requires precision and patience. Here is an alternate recipe for a soufflé that cannot wrong.


1 can (250 ml) of rainbow milk or any evaporated milk unsweetened.
2 sachets of dream whip (powdered whipped cream)
2 sachets of flavored jelly (depending on the fruit used, pineapple or strawberry)
2 tbsp sugar
1 tin of canned pineapples (fresh pineapples should not be used as they turn sour on blending) or strawberries (fresh can be used).


Cook the jelly as per the directions on the packet. Keep aside to cool (do not let it set).
Remove the fruit from the tin and drain it off the syrup present in the can. Separate some, chop it and keep aside.
Add the remaining in a blender, empty the milk can and the dream whip sachets over it. Add the sugar and also pour in the jelly mixture. Blend it well.
In a bowl add the blended mixture. Sprinkle the chopped fruit over it. Refrigerate for an hour or two or until it is set.