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Curry Leaf Mutton Curry (Curry Patta Gosht)

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Curry Patta Gosht gives me the South Indian vibes. Perhaps because curry leaves are native to South India and a staple ingredient in almost every dish. You can try this recipe with chicken as well or give it a vegetarian spin with paneer. I’ve cooked this dish twice in different way. The first t…

South Indian Dal with Vegetables

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Dal with Vegetables

Here is a recipe I relish on Sundays, if I am not in mood for fish fry. This is the south Indian style of preparing dal, and one of the healthiest dishes. Dal with vegetables is different from the normal dal fry. Daal is a must on the table in many Indian households. That’s the reason we are alwa…

Pepper Chicken

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Pepper chicken is one of my favourites at a South Indian restaurant. The chicken is heavily spiced and the dish is simply addictive. Pepper chicken recipe is one thing worth experimenting in your kitchen!


500 grams boneless chicken pieces

1/2 tsp ginger paste

1/2 tsp garlic paste


Vangi Bhaath – Spicy Brinjal Rice

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This is one of my favourites from my mother-in-law’s South Indian kitchen. This recipe is her version of vangi bhaath. Its basically spicy rice made with brinjals – long green ones, not the usual plump purple eggplants. Definitely worth your kitchen time.

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Kheema Paratha

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Paratha is an important part of the South Asian cuisine. Kheema paratha is a favourite non-vegetarian alternative to paratha. Here is an alternate recipe to the usual flour-kneading method. You’ll be sure your kids will enjoy a wholesome and healthy meal for lunch.

1 packet of lar…