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Pizza Sandwich

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The dinner plan was pizzas and pasta. This ‘pizza sandwich’ recipe was the result of a slightly weird situation in my kitchen – mood to prepare pizza, limited mozzarella cheese in the fridge, and two pizza bases. Preparing just one pizza would not be enough for my Mughlai-loving foodie family. So…

Pastrami Coleslaw Sandwich

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Pastrami is brined meat that is seasoned with herbs and smoked or steamed. Pastrami is either from beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey. There are so many (MANY!) recipes for a pastrami sandwich, the famous and authentic being Reuben’s. I’ve decided to try all variations starting with this one – Pastra…

Paneer Club Sandwich

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Paneer, cut into square slices

1 cucumber, thinly sliced

1 tomato, thinly sliced

1 capsicum, deseed and slice into thin rings

12 bread slices

Few lettuce leaves


Ketchup and Mayonnaise (Optional)



1. Cut out the sides of the bread slices. Spread some …

Tzatziki Sauce – A Greek Dip

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Tzatziki sauce is a Greek sauce served with grilled meats or it is served as mezze beside other mezzes and meals. Tzatziki is made of strained yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, and sometimes lemon juice, and dill or mint or&nbs…

Scrambled Eggs with English Muffin

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Bread and eggs are popular combinations for breakfast (and my favourite). This time I gave the English muffin a try. The good thing about using it for a sandwich is it doesn’t crumble or become messy like the usual breads. I think its perfect bread for an on-the-go breakfast. English muffins are …