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Malai Methi Matar

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Here is a delicious methi recipe by one of my friends. I would love to tag it as ‘methi with a twist’. There is cream and no significant ‘masalas’. Yet it is perfectly seasoned. Tried and tested and just ideal for those who don’t have a taste for leafy-veg. The chilly and the cream measurements c…

Methi-Carrot Pualo

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Methi and Carrot Pulao

Pulao are our saviours – especially when we have had a long day and want to fix a quick dinner. Vegetarian pulao is one of the healthiest and simplest rice recipes for a one-dish meal. Here is a delectable vegetarian pulao recipe that includes carrots and fenugreek (methi). You can easily moderat…

Methi Chicken

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I love the addition of vegetables to meat dishes. There’s an endless variety – palak gosht, lauki gosht, karela keema, bhindi gosht and so on. My favorite is the all-famous Aloo Gosht curry. I imagine these were created by chicken-mutton lovers who knew that vegetables are important but found th…

Mughlai Paneer

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Mughlai paneer is paneer (cottage cheese) in a white, creamy gravy rich with cashew nuts, yogurt, and cream. One would think that the dish will be bland since it doesn’t have the ‘red color’ that we associate with red chilies. But the onions and green chilies spice the gravy perfectly. You can a…

Matar Paneer Dhaba Style

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Matar Paneer is a creamy curry combining green peas (matar) and cottage cheese (paneer). Matar is, honestly, the easiest vegetable to cook with and can be added to a variety of recipes. I use the frozen green peas because it cooks instantly. This is the dhaba style matar paneer recipe infused wi…