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Aubergine or Eggplant Curry

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This is my first stint with eggplant, also called aubergine. I was desperate to diversify my vegetarian fare and decided to pick a vegetable I hadn’t tasted or cooked earlier. Eggplants are high in B-complex vitamins and anti-oxidants. Here is a simple eggplant curry recipe that tastes good and i…

Vangi Bhaath – Spicy Brinjal Rice

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This is one of my favourites from my mother-in-law’s South Indian kitchen. This recipe is her version of vangi bhaath. Its basically spicy rice made with brinjals – long green ones, not the usual plump purple eggplants. Definitely worth your kitchen time.

Chicken Marqoq

A traditional dish of the Arabian peninsula, Al Marqoq is a wholesome nutritious curry, best complemented with coin-sized parathas (or Arabic bread). This I confirmed when I served rice with Chicken M…