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Honey Bitter Gourd

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Bitter gourds are not everyone’s favourite. Neither is it a simple vegetable to deal with. But then, if you experiment a little like the writer of this recipe, you can come up with a bitter gourd recipe that would turn the “bitter”to “sweet”. Here is similar recipe for bitter gourd – healthy, tas…

Keema Karela

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Like I’ve said before, I enjoy dishes that combine meat with vegetables. Karela (bitter gourd) is a vegetable with ‘mixed feelings’. You’d detest it if you have it by itself, and you’d enjoy if you combine it with different ingredients and spices that compliments its astringent flavor. So here i…

Lazeez Lauki – Stuffed Bottle Gourd

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Here is an exotic recipe from the Awadhi cuisine. The bottle gourd or lauki is not a particular favorite of many I know, but this lauki recipe turns the vegetable into a deliciously rich dish. Lauki is one of the recommended vegetables in the summer season due to its high water content. This lauk…

Lemon Curd

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I’m not a dessert fan and am always looking around for quick, simple, and easy recipes to fix a sweet bite. Lemon curd is a perfect recipe. Top it on a usual loaf of sponge cake or a cupcake and you’ll have a dessert everyone is going to enjoy. I poured a layer of lemon curd on Greek yogurt parfa…

South Indian Dal with Vegetables

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Dal with Vegetables

Here is a recipe I relish on Sundays, if I am not in mood for fish fry. This is the south Indian style of preparing dal, and one of the healthiest dishes. Dal with vegetables is different from the normal dal fry. Daal is a must on the table in many Indian households. That’s the reason we are alwa…