Dahi Baingan – Brinjal with Spiced Yogurt

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Brinjal can be a tricky vegetable to cook. Apart from baingan bharta, there are many recipes that make this vegetable into a delicious dish. Dahi baingan, or brinjal with yogurt, is a delicious and easy vegetarian recipe that even got my non-vegetarian folks to enjoy a vegetarian dinner!!


Baghara Baingan

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Baghara Baingan – known as Baingan ka Khatta as well – is a famous dish in Hyderabad and Bangalore, especially paired with Mutton Biryani , Dum Pukht Biryani or Vegetable Biryani and is served at weddings. Another similar accompaniment is Mirchi Ka Salan. I’ve tried to prepare Baghara Baingan …

Brinjal-Potato-Capsicum Fry

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Baingan-aloo-shimla mirch ki sabzi can be defined as a colorful, nutritious, flavorful, and quick vegetarian dish. Honestly, this is the perfect dish to make even on days you are not enthusiastic to cook. Mildly spiced, the brinjal-potato-capsicum fry can be paired with rotis. You can also eat i…