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Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Ice Cream with Lychees

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Sweet and Spicy Ice cream with Lychees

We always look for innovative, yet easy dessert recipes. Ice cream recipes are at the top of our minds during summers. Our chef brings to you an ice cream recipe that’s simple, and involves the right amounts of flavours – from sweet to spicy. That’s right – here is an ice cream summer treat with …

Shahi Tukda

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Shahi Tukra

Shahi tukra or shahi tukda, a mughlai recipe, are actually shahi – royal. You wouldn’t think that a dessert so rich, delicious, yet simple can be made using bread. There’s milk, dry fruits, saffron, sugar, and malai. We bring you shahi tukra recipe – a dessert that is said to have its roots in Pa…

Chocolate Covered Biscuits

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This is a dessert saviour more than a dessert recipe. I made this when I had some unexpected, but welcomed, guests accompanied with kids. I really don’t like the idea of letting the kids leave without a small treat. And then there was chocolate covered biscuits. I’d a big bar of dark chocolate an…

Basbousa (Semolina and Yogurt Cake)

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Basbousa is a dessert that is not only popular in many Middle Eastern countries, but also in Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Greece. Basbousa is a sweet semolina cake that is soaked in sugar syrup. It may sound like a sweet treat but, trust me, it isn’t. Its just sweet enough to please your t…

No-bake Cinnamon Orange Cheesecake

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Cinnamon-Orange Cheesecake

Cheesecake has been one of the most delightful desserts to indulge in and one of the simplest to prepare. Cheesecake recipes can be experimented with a variety of additions – blueberries, strawberries, chocolates, and so on. On Cukzy, we bring you a citrus variation of cheesecake, infused with ci…