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Malpuras / Malpuas

Malpura  or malpua is a dessert known across different regions of India by different names. Malpuas are also one of the favourite Ramadan and Eid recipes. You’ll be surprised at the number of variations this dessert has experienced – each better than the other. Here, we bring you a malpura recip…

Home-made Spicy Shawarma

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Homemade shawarma recipe

The most favourite street food from the Middle East can now be made at home! Cukzy brings you home-made shawarma recipe. Here is a spicy variation. Enjoy!


1 chicken breast piece

1 teasp…

Dates and Rice Pudding

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Dates are easily digestible and furnish the body with required energy for physical activities in about half an hour. Dates are rich in natural fibres, potassium, and magnesium. During Ramadan, date recipes are ideal to start iftar ( breaking fast), as the body requires energy to digest the meal. …


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Kabsa, or machboos, as is called in many Gulf regions, is a scrumptious combination of spices, meat, and rice. In some versions of the Kabsa, vegetables are also used. It would remind you of the Indian biryani. The biryani is derived from the Arabic Kabsa. Here is our Chef’s recipe of preparing a…

Lebanese Grilled Chicken

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One of the dishes that is on “I love” menu of non-vegetarians is grilled chicken. After chicken tandoori, and BBQ chicken, here is the Arabic and Lebanese grilled chicken – straight from the Middle East.

4 pieces of chicken (breast or leg quarters with skin)
1/2 cup of lemon juice…