About Me


I have always been a foodaholic. That I loved cooking, I discovered at 16. My mother would neatly organize recipes in her cookbook. The pictures in that book were not only colourful, but would make my mouth water.

With an aim to satisfy my taste buds, I grabbed the recipe and dashed into the kitchen. I followed every word and gram of the recipe. At the end of my first stint in the kitchen, I had pretty much surprised myself and my family.

Since then, the kitchen has been my sacred place. It is here where I find peace, passion, and energy. It is here where I learnt that cooking isn’t just a basic, essential chore but also an art. This is where I am constantly discovering and cooking food from cuisines across the world.

Cukzy reflects my adventures. As for all of you who believe cooking is a mountaineering task, here’s a little message – imagine that cooking tonight might be the last and the only thing you will be able to do for yourself and your family, and pick a dish from my kitchen. You’ll cook like you never did.

I am sure your journey in the kitchen would mirror mine!

With a dash of love, spice, and sauce,

Nadia 🙂