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Here is a delicious methi recipe by one of my friends. I would love to tag it as ‘methi with a twist’. There is cream and no significant ‘masalas’. Yet it is perfectly seasoned. Tried and tested and just ideal for those who don’t have a taste for leafy-veg. The chilly and the cream measurements […]

Bitter gourds are not everyone’s favourite. Neither is it a simple vegetable to deal with. But then, if you experiment a little like the writer of this recipe, you can come up with a bitter gourd recipe that would turn the “bitter”to “sweet”. Here is similar recipe for bitter gourd – healthy, tasty, and simple. […]

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This is my first stint with eggplant, also called aubergine. I was desperate to diversify my vegetarian fare and decided to pick a vegetable I hadn’t tasted or cooked earlier. Eggplants are high in B-complex vitamins and anti-oxidants. Here is a simple eggplant curry recipe that tastes good and is easy to prepare.   Ingredients: […]

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Here is another exotic recipe by Chef Jawad. Tomato tea has various health benefits, but is especially known for nasal congestion relief. Slightly tedious, the tomato tea calls for some effort and is time-consuming. But hard work pays off, doesn’t it? Here is tomato tea recipe that serves about 5 to 6 glasses. Tomato Tea […]

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Here is a recipe with a U-turn. Idly is quite bland and is usually eaten with spicy chutney and sambar. Here, we’ve given the idly a Chinese touch. Chilly idli can be a perfect vegetarian snack to present to guests. You can easily chart out your own variation too. Ingredients: 4 Idly 1/2 capsicum 2 […]

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Bitter-gourd recipes are generally side dishes eaten with rotis, or are gravy prepared with meat and eaten with rice. Bitter-gourd, also known as bitter melon or melon gourd, is botanically classified as a fruit – with its bitter taste! That pretty much breaks our belief of fruits being sweet. Bitter gourd is, however, used as […]

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Here is a quick snack you can whip in no time. Pocket pizzas are made with pita breads and the filling can vary according to taste. The must-include ingredient is the pizza sauce. Our Chef’s pizza sauce recipe is the deliciously traditional recipe that will add zest to your pizzas! Ingredients: 3 pita breads 2 […]

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Harira is a popular Ramadan dish from the Moroccan cuisine. Harira can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. You can simply prepare a vegetable broth instead of using meat. Moroccans usually include Harira in their iftar. Rich in nutrition with meat, lentils, and herbs, Harira provides the body with the right amount of liquid and solid food […]

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Present these cheese samosas to food lovers and they are over in a minute! A heavenly combination of crispiness and melted cheese. Cheese samosa is a famous iftar recipe as well. The tricky part of preparing this is the duration of frying the samosas. The frying time should not exceed 2 – 3 minutes since […]

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Dates are easily digestible and furnish the body with required energy for physical activities in about half an hour. Dates are rich in natural fibres, potassium, and magnesium. During Ramadan, date recipes are ideal to start iftar ( breaking fast), as the body requires energy to digest the meal. This energy is drawn from the […]