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Egg curry is a satisfying dinner option when I visit the kitchen late in the evening and am not in mood for a take out. I find this recipe to be quite effortless yet delicious. Tamarind and coconut are the life of egg curries. You can make it a little spicy if you want – […]

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Mutton Pepper Fry is quite famous and loved in Southern parts of India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Recipes and ingredients vary from region to region so do the spice levels. Some use tomatoes, fennel, curry leaves and so on. This mutton pepper fry recipe is the most common you’ll find. Some spice to […]

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Yes, the name Chicken/Murgh Changezi might remind you of the mighty emperor Genghis Khan, popularly known as Changez Khan in the Indian sub-continent (It did to me). There may not be any connection but it would be interesting how Chicken Changezi got its name. Maybe Changez Khan loved this dish and passed it on to […]

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Mutton korma recipe is one of the finest recipes from the Mughlai cuisine. The dish is rich and aromatic prepared with exotic ingredients. The authentic way to prepare similar meat dishes is to use as little water as possible and cook on low heat. It can be time-consuming but is certainly the star dish on […]

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Teriyaki chicken was one of my favorites as a kid. The dish always reminds me of the Yum Yum Tree restaurant my family loved to visit. A Japanese delicacy, teriyaki is either grilled or broiled, glazed with sauce. I’ve pan-fried and made teriyaki sauce at home since the ready-made teriyaki sauce have some amount of […]

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This recipe is as simple as A, B, C of trifle. My daughter gobbled down the blueberries but, fortunately, I could grab a few for this recipe. Here’s the recipe for lemon curd. I have used Greek yogurt, which is a creamier version of plain yogurt because it is completely strained off the whey. This […]

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I’m not a dessert fan and am always looking around for quick, simple, and easy recipes to fix a sweet bite. Lemon curd is a perfect recipe. Top it on a usual loaf of sponge cake or a cupcake and you’ll have a dessert everyone is going to enjoy. I poured a layer of lemon […]

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Basbousa is a dessert that is not only popular in many Middle Eastern countries, but also in Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Greece. Basbousa is a sweet semolina cake that is soaked in sugar syrup. It may sound like a sweet treat but, trust me, it isn’t. Its just sweet enough to please your taste […]

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I’ve tried Greek dips before and they are delicious. One of the signature dips of Greek cuisine is the Tzatziki Sauce. Considering that Mediterranean food is mildly spiced, dips complete the taste. Ingredients: 2 slices bread 3/4 cup walnuts 5 cloves garlic 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 1/2 cup olive oil Method: Remove the sides […]

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Ingredients: 10 medium-sized red potatoes 1/4 cup olive oil Juice of 2 lemons 1 tbsp oregano Salt to season Method: Preheat oven to 400 F Wash and quarter the red potatoes in similar sizes. Pour the olive oil, sprinkle the lemon juice, and oregano. Give it a toss to mix. Bake for 30 minutes. Turn […]